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the musings of an obsessive fangirl turned cartoonist


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.friends only.
This journal is now Friends Only. This is more of a courtesy to those on my F-list than my own need for privacy. If I don't want you to know it, I don't post it. Comment to be added.
.the girl behind the elf.
an over caffeinated under paid cartoonist turned fangirl, born on the cusp saggitarius-capricorn, day of the hellraisers, dark, snarky, animator, illustrator, graphic designer, hopeful novelist who spends her free time rescuing animals and caring for my ever growing "zoo".

.things that make me squee.
Bristol Renaissance Faire, baby animals, broadway musicals, Catwoman, coffee, dark!fics, Girls Next Door, Journey Into Mystery, Loki (all versions), kittens, Labyrinth, Leah of Hel, LOL!cats, Hayao Mizazaki movies, Mozenrath, Naraku, Pirates, Pit Bulls, Star Trek DS9, smexy villains, Tom Hiddleston, shirtless Hugh Jackman, snarky Hugh Laurie, Sir Patrick Stewart, Scottsmen, British accents, anti heros, subtext, fictional character abuse.

.Warning! I support Yuri, Yaoi, cannon and alt-pairings.
kid!loki/leah, leah/milkshakes, loki,hela, mozenrath/jasmine, zutara, iroh/tea, li/lo/iroh, batman/catwoman, jareth/sarah, erik/christine, touga/utena, gambit/rouge, brooklyn/angela, gomez/morticia, the phantom/christine daae, demona/weapons of mass destruction, snape/snark

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